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Brian (born in 1981) is an all round silly-sausage, a webmaster, not a webmistress or a they/them. He is an occasional photograph takerer, a video editor, a cyclist, and by trade, a computer technician.[citation needed] He also owns a cat.[citation needed]

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Early life
Social Media
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Cycling and Camping
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Early life    [ edit ]

Brian was born in 1981 in the UK, the oldest of a few siblings. His father died when Brian was at a very young age and his mother remarried.[1] His family moved a few times during his childhood, eventually settling on Anglesey.

Brian was gifted a second-hand ZX Spectrum one childhood Christmas and thus began his enjoyment in tinkering with computers. Brian began buying a weekly lottery ticket when he became old enough to do so. He programmed his ZX Spectrum to provide him with random numbers to be used with the lottery and with his first ticket he won £10. A year later he won £2,113. With half of this money he bought his first Windows-based computer and, once connected to the internet via dial-up, began building his website BMH Online.[2]




 Brian crouching amongst some megalithic stones, somewhere in the UK
Born December 1981 (age, you can work it out)
Notable works None
Social Media    [ edit ]

The first rendition of BMH Online was hosted at Geocities, but it quickly ran out of space and was further uploaded to FortuneCity, TopCities and other free hosting sites at the time.

Also at the start, Brian visited the then popular online chat service Yahoo! Chat and also used the MSN and Yahoo! Messenger services. Beyond having a MySpace profile he has shied-away from other social network platforms, such as Facebook, since they are "populated by the masses".

Wordpress blog

In 2011 Brian began his blog under the same banner BMH Online, but later called Brian's Blog with the subheading …one man's contribution to the Weeeeerly Wild World. To this date he has posted hundreds of blog posts and has amassed over 500 followers on the platform. His most popular topic currently on the platform is “Lockdown, an early phase of The Matrix?" Not one to shy away from criticizing the platform, his second most popular post (currently on the platform) is Buggered by Blocks Bollocks where he airs his frustrations regarding the editor page.


While achieving a modicum of followers on Wordpress, his Youtube presence has been less successful. This is not through a lack of content. He began uploading to the platform somewhere around 2016. In 2018 he uploaded his first Brian Goes Biking episode, aptly named BGB#1 - Brian Goes Biking. The series continues to this day and has surpassed (as of March 2021) episode #42. In December of 2019 Brian began a series of recordings titled Brian reads... where he typically reads a short story that is uploaded each Saturday.


In June of 2020 Brian discovered Neocities and began building his website there. Quickly building a following, surpassing 100 in March of the following year, he continues to enjoy keeping his audience happy with updates regarding the lives of his many Tamagotchis, and pictures of his[citation needed] cat.

Music    [ edit ]

From childhood Brian dabbled with various musical instruments, including the recorder, the piano, the trumpet, the acoustic guitar, and the keyboard, before settling on the electric guitar. Playing mostly for his own amusement, and not achieving a standard he is confident with, he has rarely uploaded any of his efforts to play along to the various songs that take his fancy.

Cycling and Camping    [ edit ]

Before birth Brian was set to ride a bicycle. His father was a cyclist and it has been said[citation needed] that even in the womb it was like he was riding a bike. He would later be seen cycling to high school, and college after that.

Scotland and Ireland

In 2016 Brian set off from his home on Anglesey in Wales, UK, on his bicycle, complete with camping gear to cross the border between England and Scotland four days later, complete with a squeaky chain and pneumonia. From there he travelled on up through the Highlands, before catching a ferry to the isle of Lewis. After a day spent there he returned south via another ferry, cycled back down through Scotland and caught a further ferry to Northern Ireland. He then headed immediately south to Dublin, visiting Newgrange on the way, before catching a final ferry to home.

Convinced by the idea he no longer needed a car in his day-to-day life, he lived for the following few years without one.

In 2019 Brian returned by bike to Scotland, this time via Sheffield, before crossing the Scottish border and immediately heading for Northern Ireland. There he circumnavigated Ireland reaching as far south as Galway, before heading East to home.

Camp Corona

The Covid-19 outbreak saw restrictions being placed on travel. Keen to spend more time in his tent, Brian pitched his in his back garden and proceeded to upload videos to Youtube of his experiences, and his cat.[citation needed]

References    [ edit ]

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