Brian reads...

Brian reads...

"What's this all about?"

I record myself reading various things, usually they are short stories or other things written by others. They might be from my 10-volume set of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia, or from a book called Great True Stories of the Islands by Claude Williamson. Or, as has proven quite popular 'The Unabomber Manifesto'. I origianlly did this with the aim of releasing a new episode each week, which I did for a while, but no longer. These were generally uploaded to Youtube , and sometimes to SoundCloud . However, in December of 2023, Youtube took down my account due to part of the Unabomber Manifest (which had been uploaded back in 2021), so that has now been moved to Rumble .


You are welcome to get in touch (as some have already done) with recommendations of things for me to read, and I'll be sure to consider them.



From Metawars by Jeff Norton...

- Book 2, Chapter 11 -

A partial reading:

Metawars (7:48)


From Great True Stories of the Islands...

- The Pearl of the Mediterranean by J. W. Horsley -

This book by Claude Williamson contains a number of short stories about 'islands'. Every so often I record one of these. This is the latest:

St. Luke in Acts of the Apostles (4:48) ~latest~


- Europe in the Grip of Life and Death - Hitler's Threat to Freedom -

This was read from Volume 10 of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia.
I also added some un-related video footage I recorded, the pictures from the Encyclopedia,
and one or two other images found online/Wikipedia.

- The Crowning of Dreaming John by John Drinkwater -

This was read from Volume 10 of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia,
from which I also used the illustrations to form the slideshow.


More from Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia...

- The Enchanted Kettle -

As a side-project I set myself the task of reading (not all out loud) this 10-volume set of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedias which has been in my possession since childhood (and is very much older than that). Every so often I come across something that I decide to record. Such as this:

The Enchanted Kettle (3:49)


From Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia...

- Shakespeare -

In volume 9 of my set of Encyclopedia are some abridged versions of Shakespeare's comedies:

Shakespeare's 'The Two Men From Verona' (abridged) (9:26)
Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors' (abridged) (5:19)
Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice' (abridged) (9:16)
Shakespeare's 'All's Well That Ends Well' (abridged) (6:49)
Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew' (abridged) (8:22)
Shakespeare's 'Much To Do About Nothing' (abridged) (8:51)
Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' (abridged) (9:59)
Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' or 'As You Will' (abridged) (8:51)
Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure' (abridged) (7:16)

Coming "soon":
 - The Comedy of the Winter's Tale


- A Christmas Tree by Charles Dickens -



- The Unabomber Manifesto -
aka 'Industrial Society and Its Future' by Ted Kaczynski.

This project, of reading, recording and uploading The Manifesto, spanned a number of weeks and is available in eight parts:

Click here...




Providence by George Herbert (11:26)


The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot (8:37)


Brian reads... on CD or Cassette...

Since I have accumulated a number of recordings, I plan to release some on CDs and even Audio Cassette (the novelty intrigues me).

The idea would be to list these for sale although I don't expect to make any money out of this endeavour (I realise my audience is small and demand for these things is smaller - I would just like to get my creations out into the world on a physical medium).

I therefore invite you, if you are interested in obtaining such a CD or Cassette, to get in touch to express your interest. From this I would like to reward someone at random, say once a month, with a free CD or cassette which I will post to anywhere in the world.


These CDs and Cassettes have not yet been created but the receiving of some interest is spurring me on! Perhaps let me know your thoughts, and if you are interested, what format you would prefer and where you are in the world. From this I will not use any details provided other than to send a "winner" a free recording.

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