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I always have projects on the go, or at least things I can be getting on with, including this here website. Some things are just ideas, other things are pending my attention, while others still have long been waiting my attention by realistically need... well... giving up on. I tend to start things and lose interest (not a good habit, but, oh well!)

I list here some of these various projects. I then intend to develop the individual pages with progress and results, or just leave them here to perhaps provide a use to someone else. Sometimes projects don't succeed as hoped, but I learn something in the process; even if it's to not attempt that thing again!

If you share an interest in a particular project here, please get in touch, especially if it's one I haven't updated in a while!


[Dell XPS 210]


[Antec Fusion]

[Compaq iPAQ]



More "Ongoing" Projects...

Began Last Updated...


2020 July 2023


Gallery - January 2023


Travels - January 2023

VAIO PCG Laptop...
2020 January 2023


Wellbeing 2020 April 2022


H2O Containment System
Collecting rain water...
2022 September 2022


Tamagotchi 2020 November 2022


Maths 2020 August 2022


Memrise & Language Learning 2020 August 2022

CD Players

CD Players 2022 July 2022

AlphaSmart Journal 2022 June 2022


Astronomy 2020 February 2022

Keyboarding 2021 January 2022

ZX Spectrum(s)
2021 June 2023

Power Supplies
2021 February 2022


einstein@home "1999" May 2022



August 2021

Shuttle PC 2021 July 2021

Car(s) - May 2021



Projects in Limbo...

Status Began Last Updated...

ECS 945P Motherboard
  2021 June 2021

Euro Truck Simulator 2   2021 May 2022

iMac A1311   2021 May 2021

Kindle Fire   2020 August 2022

Battery replacement...
  2020 September 2020

  2020 August 2022


Tips for reading (more) books   2020 November 2020

Live For Speed
My dabblings in the game...
  2020 July 2020



Past Projects...

Status Began Last Updated...


Concluded 2022 August 2023

Caldera Linux

Concluded 2021 May 2021

Pavilion DV6
BIOS fault...
Concluded 2020 February 2021

Acer Aspire Z3770 All-In-One
Faulty computer
Concluded 2020 August 2022

aka Memorex iListen
Concluded 2020 September 2020


Asus 550C Screen Replacement Concluded 2020 November 2020


Edimax EW-7711UAn
Faulty Wi-Fi adapter...
Concluded 2020 December 2020

HP 17" Laptop
A little review of the 17-ca2002na...
Concluded 2020 November 2020


Brian the Robot
The Page Not Found page robot...
Concluded 2020 June 2020


Rugged128 Phone Socket
I tried to fix a phone socket...
Concluded 2020 October 2020

"Concluded" typically means I no longer have the item

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