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 Latest Videos...
How I got kicked off Youtube...
Uploaded: 5 January 2024
Runtime: 12:48
Brian Goes Boating (2) and a vlog
Visiting a "standing stone" and "ancient monument"...
Originally uploaded: 15 June 2023
Runtime: 18:05
Brian Goes... Boating
Originally uploaded: 27 May 2023
Runtime: 11:34
Brian's Vlog - 19th May 2023
The random mutterings of a cyclist
Runtime: 11:50
"Sunday Strum" Playing along to One Wild Night by Bon Jovi
Originally uploaded: 07 May 2023
Runtime: 4:15
Brian's Vlog - 4th May 2023
Holes in walls, and dreams...
Runtime: 7:33

Brian's Vlog - 2nd May 2023
A 'Dark' dream...
Runtime: 7:07

"Sunday Strum" Playing along to Aliens Exist by Blink 182
Originally uploaded: 30 April 2023
Runtime: 3:37
Your Wimbledon 1
Originally uploaded: 27 April 2023
Runtime: 9:25
Mercusys AV1000 / MP500 Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter disassembly
Originally uploaded: 26 April 2023
Runtime: 4:30
Brian's Vlog - 24th April 2023
Dreams and Books...
Runtime: 16:30
Brian's Vlog - 24th-25th April 2023
A ride and a walk
Runtime: 4:43
[Not] The King's Christmas Speech 2022
A parody
Runtime: 7:27




This section of BMH Online is intended to house the various videos Brian the webmaster has uploaded over the years.

It's in the style of Youtube of old, and grasps onto those mythical ideals... that anyone could create and upload a video to the world-wide-web, and it was cool to do so.

Say what you want, do what you want...

Since Youtube isn't what it was (and I got banned) these videos are now hosted on Rumble.



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